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Oculus Quest's Broken Cloud Saves Replaced With Automatic Cloud Backup

Oculus Quest’s broken cloud storage system is being replaced with Cloud Backup, on by default for all apps.

The previous cloud storage system required each developer to specifically integrate it in their app – but most didn’t. In August the cloud storage system broke, preventing some apps from launching. Facebook told developers that no fix was planned, and instead recommended removing cloud storage from their apps. The developers of Cubism and Hand Physics Lab mentioned seeing 1-star reviews from frustrated users unaware the issue was on Facebook’s end.

The new Cloud Backup system is fully automatic. Developers do not need to add support for it and it is on by default. Developers can opt out if they want, but it’s unclear why any would want to do so.

Cloud Backup will back up the app’s entire settings and saves. Even if you factory reset your Oculus Quest, you’ll have your data when you reinstall the app.

The feature will launch later this year.

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