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Oculus' May Platform Update Adds Events For Rift

Oculus' May Platform Update Adds Events For Rift

The May update for the Oculus Platform is here, and it should help you keep your VR schedule in order.

With this week’s update, Oculus is adding Events listings to Rift (the feature has been running on Gear VR since last year). Events make it easy to keep track of what’s going on with games and apps across Home, giving you notifications about things like free weekends, multiplayer tournaments and social VR meetups.

In the latest version of the desktop app you’ll find a new Events section that lets you subscribe to upcoming events like a Winner Takes All tournament in Poker VR or Game Night for Settlers of Catan. If you’re on mobile (including the newly-launched Oculus Go), you can find the same section in the Oculus mobile app.

As for developers, you can customize and schedule Event listings on Oculus’ Developer Dashboard. This might prove to be a good way to improve discoverability of your app on the increasingly-crowded Oculus Store. Or, if you run a multiplayer game, it could help a dedicated community find the right time to jump online.

It’s not the most exciting update for Rift users, this month, but it is another month down until we get to the full launch of Oculus Home 2.0, which will feature important updates like social VR support within Rift’s hub world and more.

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