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Oculus And Disney Announce Marvel Powers United VR

Oculus And Disney Announce Marvel Powers United VR

Oculus’ Jason Rubin promised a big new Studios title to reveal this week and he certainly didn’t disappoint; Oculus and Disney’s Marvel have just announced Marvel Powers United VR at Disney’s D23 expo in the Anaheim Convention Center.

We’ve already put on the webs and controlled Spider-Man in VR this year, but Powers United promises to be a much bigger experience and something of a dream come true for many a comic fan. It’s a four player action game in which players can take on the roles of their favorite Marvel heroes and work together to complete missions, facing off with iconic baddies. It’s developed by Sanzaru Games, the team behind other Oculus Studios games VR Sports Challenge and Ripcoil.

Check out the first trailer above, which reveals the first of more than 12 playable characters for the game. To start off we have Captain Marvel, who shoots energy beams and flies into combat. Then there’s Rocket Raccoon, the smart-mouthed, gun-crazed mascot of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Finally, because it was sort of inevitable, players will be able to Hulk out and smash up the scenery as everyone’s favorite enormous green rage monster.

In the gameplay players are facing off with the Kree, an alien race seen in the Guardians movie. We’re looking forward to seeing what other villains are in the game just as much as we are heroes. It looks like players can build up kill streaks, represented as Robo Recall-style word balloons.

Marvel Powers United will be launching on Rift in 2018. Anyone at San Diego Comic Con next week will be able to try the game out at the Marvel booth.

You may recall Marvel itself promised some exciting announcements around VR earlier this year. This certainly fits the bill, wouldn’t you say?

We’ll have plenty more on Marvel Powers United VR soon, so stay tuned.

Correction: Number of players in the game updated.

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