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Oculus Launches Three VR For Good Projects Across Rift/Go/Gear

Oculus Launches Three VR For Good Projects Across Rift/Go/Gear

Oculus’ VR for Good Creators Lab is launching three new projects across the company’s platforms today.

Available now via the Oculus Video app are three 360 experiences that anyone with a passing interest in positive uses of VR should check out. Meeting a Monster, for example, tells the story of Angela King, a former white supremacist. Directed by Gabriela Arp, the piece uses audio recordings, re-enactments and real-life footage to show how King became involved with the white power movement and place a spotlight on her path to redemption. The piece made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.

You can check out the trailer for the piece below.

The other two pieces are a part of the Authentically Us series from director Jesse Ayala and produced by Pride Foundation. The first, She Flies By Her Own Wings, takes a look at the increased discrimination of transgender service people and seeks to raise awareness of the issue. We’re Still Here, meanwhile, tells the story of Aiden Crawford and the idea of Two-Spirit gender identity and sexuality. A third entry in the series is expected to release later down the line.

VR for Good is now in its third year and specifically looks to provide funding and resources to under-represented filmmakers and content creators in the VR scene.

Each of the videos is available to watch via Oculus Rift, Go and Gear VR and you can find more information on the Oculus blog.

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