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Oculus Go: Leaked Image Shows 1,000 Apps, Movies and Games At Launch

Oculus Go: Leaked Image Shows 1,000 Apps, Movies and Games At Launch

An image leaked on Reddit shows a convincing look at what might end up being the retail packaging for Oculus Go, the standalone VR headset coming soon from Facebook.

The image shows the box for the $200 device with available apps listed including Netflix, Hulu, Ultrawings, Facebook, The New York Times and others. Oculus Go includes everything you need to have a seated or standing VR experience, and all the apps released for the Gear VR over the years should be technically capable of running on the gadget. We expected this compatibility to give the headset a strong start with a robust content library, but more than 1,000 apps, games and movies actually attaches a fairly large number to the debut.

I’m curious how many of those 1,000+ “apps, games and movies” are movies. Oculus sells movies that can be viewed in a virtual theater and the company saw fit to secure the rights so you could invite friends over to your virtual theater and watch something with you. Watching movies or TV shows in Gear VR with friends has been a problem, though, because people are split across different generations of phone. Early phones compatible with Gear VR aren’t as capable of smoothly streaming VR, a movie and the connection to your friend all at the same time. We are hopeful, however, that Oculus Go with its instant-on functionality and purpose-built hardware will make the practice far more common.

The box also notes the device offers 32 GB of storage, increasing the likelihood Oculus is going to release multiple versions of the device with different amounts of storage.

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