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Oculus Is Extending The $399 Rift Sale Due To High Demand

Oculus Is Extending The $399 Rift Sale Due To High Demand

It looks like Oculus’ massive Summer Sale on its Rift headset is indeed going well; the company is extending the promotion “due to high demand”, so you’ll have more time to pick it up at the $399 mark.

“Due to high demand, and the resulting switch to the all-in-one Rift+Touch package, we’re extending the sale by a few weeks to make sure everyone can take advantage of the Summer of Rift promotion,” an Oculus spokesperson told UploadVR. “We’ll definitely notify the community before the sale ends.”

Originally the sale was meant to last six weeks. That was four weeks ago now, so the sale was initially meant to end around August 21st. It now sounds like the deal could at least carry through into early September, which is great news. The Rift has been out of stock as many a retailer since the deal went live, so this will give people more time to keep checking stocks and get an order in before the price goes up to the new permanent cost of $499.

Before the sale the Rift and Touch bundle would have run you around $598, so there’s a massive saving on offer here. Since it’s launch we’ve seen plenty of people jump into VR for the first time and start having some amazing experiences. Sadly, we don’t know exactly how many units have been sold right now.

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