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OC4: Oculus Announces Massive Rift Core 2.0 Update

OC4: Oculus Announces Massive Rift Core 2.0 Update

Oculus only had a small platform update for Rift this month, but as we found out at Oculus Connect today, much bigger things are on the way.

The company’s Nate Mitchell introduced the Rift Core 2.0 update today.

For starters, Rift is getting a new system interface designed for Touch, named Oculus Dash. Based on a trailer, it’s a much more intuitive way to navigate Rift’s various features, with virtual desktop support. That means you can bring up multiple PC applications as virtual displays. You can summon is “anytime, anywhere” and it will appear as a 3D overlay. It’s been built using the company’s React VR framework.

By introducing Dash, Oculus also has the space to rebuild Oculus Home. A trailer showed the platform in several new environments that players can customize and play minigames in. Users will start with a collection of items they can use to make their space unique. Best of all, your game collection can appear as retro cartridges that you can use to boot up software.

The update launches in beta in December for free.


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