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Oculus Addresses Persistent Tracking Issue Reports Following 1.11 Update

Oculus Addresses Persistent Tracking Issue Reports Following 1.11 Update

Last Friday saw Oculus release its anticipated Rift 1.11 update, along with promised improvements to tracking for the VR headset and its Touch controllers. But not everyone was satisfied with the release.

Multiple reports cropped up online following the update’s roll out, with people still having issues with multi-sensor Rift setups. In some cases users were even reporting that tracking had gotten worse since the update.

Once again, it was Nate Mitchell of Oculus’ Rift team that took to Reddit to address concerns. After initially acknowledging the issues on Twitter, Mitchell explained that many of the new reports the company was seeing related to people using either more than three sensors, which the company warned against last week, or poor positioning of the sensors themselves.

As a response, he pointed to the tracking setup guides Oculus posted last week, which give guidance on aspects like sensor placement and USB components. Mitchell did also promise that the company was “working on additional improvements to tracking quality and 3+ sensor setups” for future updates. As you can see in the comments following the post, not everyone was satisfied with Mitchell’s answer, but more fixes are on the way.

“I also wanted to mention that we’re seeing 1.11 improve tracking quality in aggregate,” Mitchell assured, speaking of the update overall, “particularly for the vast majority of users who had reported an issue pre-1.11.”

Mitchell previously said that there would be two updates to Oculus systems this month thanks to the delay in the launch of update 1.11, so look for further improvements to roll out within the next few weeks. Hopefully the company can put these tracking issues to bed with its next update; Touch and the introduction of Roomscale support with it is now two month’s old.


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