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OceanCraft Oculus Quest Livestream: Co-Op VR Survival Live!

OceanCraft Oculus Quest Livestream: Co-Op VR Survival Live!

We’re taking to the stormy virtual seas with today’s livestream. Join us as we go live with OceanCraft at 4:30pm GMT/8:30am PT!

This interesting little multiplayer game hit SideQuest earlier this month (note that’s actual SideQuest and not the new Oculus App Lab feature) and we’re keen to check it out. OceanCraft tasks two Oculus Quest players with surviving on a raft, building out new components, fishing for supplies and then cooking your meals. All your average survival game tasks, then, just now in VR!

Join Jamie, Zeena and Ian as they dive into the project for the first time. Between us we estimate we’d last roughly half a day stranded out at see in real life. Can we beat that conservative target here?

OceanCraft is still in an Early Access state, so don’t expect a near-final product in today’s stream. But developer FlodLab does keep building the game out with new updates, so hopefully it will grow in the coming weeks and months!

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