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OC5: Titanfall Dev's Rift Exclusive A No-Show But Working 'Full Steam Ahead'

OC5: Titanfall Dev's Rift Exclusive A No-Show But Working 'Full Steam Ahead'

Last year’s Oculus Connect keynote speech closed out with the surprising revelation that Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment was working on an Oculus Rift exclusive for launch in 2019. Sadly, the mysterious project is a no-show at this year’s Connect.

Oculus’ Nate Mitchell confirmed to UploadVR that the game wasn’t being shown this year, but did reassure that it was still making progress. “We’re still working on it full steam ahead,” he said, “but nothing to share at OC5.”

It’s a shame given that last year’s tease really didn’t tell us much about the project other than that it will likely be a shooter of some kind. That’s an exciting prospect given that Respawn is comprised of developers that popularized the Call of Duty series before forming a new studio and creating the critically-acclaimed Titanfall series. The team was acquired by publisher EA late last year, although Oculus reassured this wouldn’t impact the existing deal.

We do know that the game won’t be set in the Titanfall universe, nor will it be the Star Wars game Respawn is currently working on with EA. We’ve got our fingers crossed that it will still hit sometime in 2019?

Instead of showing off the latest with Respawn, Oculus elected to reveal another big exclusive this year in Lone Echo II. Judging by the trailer, we can’t really say we blame them.

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