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OC5: Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR Series Revealed For Oculus Quest

OC5: Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR Series Revealed For Oculus Quest

As yesterday’s teases suggested, ILMxLAB has just revealed new information about its anticipated Star Wars VR experience starring Darth Vader.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal was just revealed for Oculus Quest as a premier partner for what’s described as a three-part series.  Vicki Bobbs Beck introduced the experience on stage at Oculus Connect 5 alongside David S Goyer, writer and executive producer on Secrets of the Empire. That experience serves as the set up for this new piece, which will travel back to Vader’s headquarters on Mustafar. A trailer for the experience gave us a brief tease, showing the Dark Lord himself coming face-to-face with you before teasing lightsaber combat.

This will be ILMxLAB’s third Star Wars-set VR experience four home-based headsets and the fifth major app set in the universe overall. The studio found its feet with the franchise in short Trials on Tatooine demo before tying into 2017’s The Last Jedi with the excellent Droid Repair Bay piece. ILMxLAB also collaborated with The Void on the Secrets of the Empire location-based experience, whilst EA and DICE prepared an X-Wing VR experience for PSVR back in 2016.

As numerous as they are, all of these experiences have been decidedly short, offering just a taste of the Star Wars dream. Let’s hope this latest attempt finally lives up to our lofty expectations. It’s coming in 2019.

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