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OC4: Oculus Reveals Standalone Headset Oculus Go

OC4: Oculus Reveals Standalone Headset Oculus Go

One year on from the reveal of Oculus’ standalone headset in prototype form, the company is revealing a new take on the device category. It’s a consumer model called Oculus Go.

It costs $199 and ships early next year. Facebook VP of VR called it “hands-down the easiest way” to get into VR. It’s compatible with a 3 degrees of freedom (3DOF) controller that looks similar to the device used with Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR.

Go also features next-generation lenses, offering the same field of view as the Rift and a 2560×1440 LCD panel, which Barra said offers a visually clear experience. Content is ‘binary compatible’ with Gear VR, meaning content developed for either platform will work on the other from here on out, while the best Gear VR content is coming to Go on launch day.

Developer kits ship in November.

This is a developing story.

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