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Obduction Devs Respond To Vive Performance Complaints

Obduction Devs Respond To Vive Performance Complaints

After a long wait, Cyan’s Obduction [Review: 8/10] finally came to the HTC Vive yesterday, complete with motion controller support. Fans had been patiently waiting for this version of the game since the Rift edition launched last year but, sadly, it appears lots of people are having issues with it.

Multiple users have taken to Reddit to report issues with the game’s performance when running inside the Vive. It appears that, across a number of PC setups, people are finding issues with reprojection, resulting in stuttering screens even when playing on the lower graphics settings.

We reached out to Cyan itself to ask about these issues. Studio CEO Rand Miller himself had this to say:

We’re reading all comments! Like we did with PC and Rift, we’ll continue to update and optimize Obduction for Vive. Being a small indie dev, we can test some combinations of hardware, but it’s not until release that some issues show up.

Obduction VR definitely takes some horsepower to run, but we’ve found that adjusting settings can usually provide a satisfactory experience for most situations, and we’ll continue to optimize. (And of course make sure your drivers are the latest and greatest.)

As for navigation – we realize that in these early days of VR that almost everyone has a different preference depending on their performance, comfort, and experience. We will continue to add options so that each player can get the navigation experience that suits them.

Thanks for the comments and support!

Cyan also brought Oculus Touch support to Obduction with yesterday’s update, those users don’t seem to be reporting any issues on this side. The developer will also be releasing a PlayStation VR version of the game later down the line.

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