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Nvidia Reveals Titan RTX GPU With VirtualLink Port

Nvidia Reveals Titan RTX GPU With VirtualLink Port

Nvidia today announced its most powerful GPU yet, the beastly (literally) Titan RTX or, as it likes to call it, the T-Rex.

The Titan range of Nvidia cards has traditionally eschewed cost concerns in favor of raw power, surpassing its line of GeForce GPUs. The same is true of this latest addition, which arrives following the launch of the RTX 2000 line earlier this year.

Titan RTX using Nvidia’s Turing architecture and offers what a press release calls “130 teraflops of deep learning performance” as well as “11 GigaRays of ray-tracing performance”. The latter is a feature Nvidia widely touted with the launch of the RTX 2080 card earlier this year, bringing increased lighting effects to environments in games like Battlefield V. We’ve also seen ray-tracing used to render a Star Wars set with photorealism.

Elsewhere, the Titan RTX features 24GB of GDDR6 memory with 672GB of bandwidth per second. Though a press release largely cites use-cases like data science workflows and AI research for the Titan RTX, Nvidia did confirm the card also features the new VirtualLink port that’s also seen in the 2000 series. This new display port is designed for “next-gen VR headsets” which will only need one wire to connect to PCs.

The Titan RTX is due to arrive later this month in both the US and Europe for the jaw-dropping price of $2,499. Outside of the professional market, then, this is likely to be reserved only for the VR enthusiasts with the deepest pockets, then.

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