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No More 'RIGS: Mechanized Combat League' DLC, Sony Confirms

No More 'RIGS: Mechanized Combat League' DLC, Sony Confirms

Last week held the surprising news that Sony closed down RIGS: Mechanized Combat League developer, Guerrilla Cambridge. The move left us with a few questions, however.

Specifically, we didn’t know what the studio’s closure meant for the future support of the game. Guerrilla Cambridge released a Winter Update for the PlayStation VR arena shooter back in December, and it sounded like there might be more on the way with grand plans to foster a competitive Esports scene. Sony has just confirmed to UploadVR, however, that there will be no more DLC for RIGS, though the servers for the game will remain open.

The statement reads: “For players of RIGS Mechanized Combat League, we would seek to reassure you that the online service is not affected by this closure but unfortunately it will mean that there will be no further DLC for RIGS. We shall also continue to provide community support.”

Community support will hopefully mean things like patches and tweaks, but that’s about the extent of what you can expect from RIGS from now on. One of out biggest complaints about RIGS was the lack of content for the game, with a sparse number of maps and modes giving players a limited amount of options. The Winter Update helped to remedy this somewhat, but players surely would have welcomed even more additions to the game. Cambridge themselves had a DLC plan that involved multiple free content updates.

In addition to the spare line-up of content for PS VR so far this year, is this further proof that Sony is pulling away from the headset?

Hopes for future DLC for Evolution Studios’ Driveclub VR were also dashed last year when Sony closed the developer before the game had even launched. PlayStation VR Worlds developer Sony London is working on its second VR title, however.

Following the news last week we took a look at what Guerrilla Cambridge did for VR in the short time that it got to work with the tech.

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