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No Oculus Studios Projects At E3, Facebook Confirms

No Oculus Studios Projects At E3, Facebook Confirms

Facebook will not be showing any new Oculus Studios projects during next week’s E3 streams.

Studios Executive Producer Mike Doran confirmed as much in a recent post on Reddit. “The Oculus Studios team will not be showing anything at E3,” Doran said, “but stay tuned!”

To be clear, Doran is only speaking on behalf of Oculus Studios – it’s possible that Facebook’s VR efforts still pop up during E3 in some way.

Facebook hasn’t announced another VR Gaming Showcase for the big event – it held its first one in April. There are several Studios projects we know about on the horizon right now – Rift exclusive Lone Echo 2 is finally coming this summer and Facebook is partnering with Capcom to bring Resident Evil 4 to the Quest 2 as the platform’s first full exclusive. A similar partnership with Ubisoft will bring Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell to VR, too.

Last month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg also seemed to accidentally confirm that Facebook-owned Downpour Interactive is making Onward 2.

It’s not too surprising that Oculus Studios is skipping E3, however. We’re now likely just a few months away from Facebook’s annual VR event, Facebook Connect, which is where the company often puts a big spotlight on news games. We might well see another Gaming Showcase before or around that time, too.

Of course, E3 won’t be without VR news. On Friday we confirmed that we’ll be bringing back the Upload VR Showcase over the course of the show. You can tune in on June 12th at 3pm PT for new game trailers and reveals not just for Quest titles but PSVR and PC VR too. You won’t want to miss it!


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