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Sean Murray: Over One Million No Man's Sky Players Already Have VR

Sean Murray: Over One Million No Man's Sky Players Already Have VR

No Man’s Sky could see over a million people playing in VR when support arrives later this year.

The studio’s Sean Murray revealed as much in a recent interview with LadBible. Somewhat surprisingly, Murray revealed around “one in four” people who own a VR headset also own a copy of No Man’s Sky VR.

“On the Venn diagram of people interested in VR and who already own No Man’s Sky, there’s a massive overlap,” Murray said. “About one in four of the people who own a VR headset already own No Man’s Sky. So we’re talking about a free update for over a million people who will immediately be able to have a very cool VR game.”

Murray didn’t provide specifics, but his comments are in line with when he told UploadVR that No Man’s Sky may be the “most-owned” VR game earlier this year. No Man’s Sky is available on PS4 and PC and will be getting support for PSVR and PC VR headsets. We know Sony’s kit sold over 4.4 million units, which we’re betting is where the bulk of those players would be. And that’s just counting the players that already own the game; there may be more that pick it up once VR support hits.

No Man’s Sky will be getting VR support as part of its free Beyond update this year. The entire original game is playable with a headset, letting you explore billions of procedurally generated planets. Better yet, you’ll be able to discover worlds with friends using the game’s updated multiplayer support.

We still don’t know when that support will arrive but a recent rating by the Australian government suggests it could be soon.

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