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No Man's Sky PS5 Confirmed, But PSVR Support Comes Via Backwards Compatibility

No Man's Sky PS5 Confirmed, But PSVR Support Comes Via Backwards Compatibility

No Man’s Sky PS5 and Xbox One Series X versions have been confirmed.

Hello Games’ popular sci-fi sim will arrive alongside both consoles on their respective launch dates in November. Each will be a free upgrade for existing owners and each comes with a host of improvements.

No Man’s Sky PS5 Confirmed

For example, Hello Games is promising richer worlds with more objects on planet surfaces (an upgrade that will also be coming to the PC version of the game) and improved shadows, draw distances and other elements. Consoles will also run in 4K at 60fps, and base building has been expanded whilst load times have been reduced. Check out the trailer above.

However, when it comes to PSVR support on PS5, Hello Games told us integration will be available “by virtue of the backwards compatibility functionality.”

We’ve reached back out to the studio to confirm this, but the wording seems to suggest that you’ll need the PS4 version of No Man’s Sky to access the PSVR support on PS5. The developer did not reply by the time today’s embargo lifted.

This is the latest piece of the puzzle that suggests that PS5 games won’t natively support PSVR. Hitman 3, for example, is coming to both PS4 and PS5 too. The PS4 version features full support for the headset, but listings for PS5 don’t confirm support. All developer IO Interactive has said thus far is it’s “looking into” how PSVR players can access the game.

You can play old PS4-era PSVR games on PS5, but you’ll need to use your original PlayStation Camera (not the new one releasing alongside PS5), which itself needs an adapter Sony says it will send out for free, and your old PS4 controllers.

No Man's Sky PS5 first-person

Furthermore, you can’t use the DualShock 4 with new PS5 games, and the new DualSense controller doesn’t seem built for PSVR’s camera tracking. We’ve reached out to Sony multiple times for confirmation of playing PSVR in full PS5 games, but the company has never given us any clarification.

For No Man’s Sky, the next-generation version caps off a year of plentiful updates for the game. Over the past 12 months the game’s seen living ships (pictured in the next-gen screenshot above), graphical updates and even horror-themed levels.

Will you be checking out No Man’s Sky PS5? Or will you be sticking to the PSVR-enabled version? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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