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No Man's Sky For PS5 Includes PSVR-Enabled PS4 Version Too

No Man's Sky For PS5 Includes PSVR-Enabled PS4 Version Too

If you buy the PS5 version of No Man’s Sky when it launches alongside the console later this month, you’ll also get the PS4 version for free, developer Hello Games has confirmed to UploadVR.

This is especially important for owners of Sony’s PSVR headset, as the native PS5 version of the game won’t support the device. You have to play the PS4 version to access the PSVR support.

Hello Games announced the next-generation version of its space sim last week, confirming that anyone that already owns the game on PS4 will get the PS5 upgrade for free. On PS4, you can play all of the game inside the PSVR headset but, as Sony confirmed to us last week, PS5 games can’t yet support the PSVR headset yet. That means that, despite No Man’s Sky on PS5 getting big upgrades to visuals and performance, the PSVR support will be missing.

The same is true for IO Interactive’s upcoming Hitman 3, which launches on PS4 and PS5 in January. Only the PS4 version of the game offers PSVR support. We’ve reached out to IO to ask if they will offer the PS4 version to PS5 customers too.

Offering the PS4 version for free to anyone that also buys these games on PS5 will at least avoid customers buying them, only to discover they can’t access it in VR at all. No Man’s Sky also lets you transfer your save data from PS4 to PS5 so, theoretically, you could download both versions, play in VR on the older PS4 version and then upload your save data to the PS5 version when you’re ready to make the jump. It’s not clear if you could then send your PS5 save back to PS4, but we’ve asked Hello Games for clarity.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need a specific camera adaptor to connect your PS4 camera to the PS5 to use PSVR. You can’t use the new HD Camera launching alongside PS5. Sony is giving the adaptor away for free if you already own the headset. You can apply for it here.

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