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No Man's Sky's Easter Egg Brings Us Closer To Mass Effect VR

No Man's Sky's Easter Egg Brings Us Closer To Mass Effect VR

No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect fans are in for a big surprise today.

Over the course of the past week No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has been running another of its now somewhat legendary alternate reality games (ARGs). The viral campaigns lead players on hunts for clues about the team’s next big announcement. Today, as players reach the end of the ARG, they’ll discover an homage to another legendary sci-fi game, Mass Effect.

Normandy Comes To No Man’s Sky VR

Namely, they’ll find the SSV Normandy SR1, the ship Commander Shepard and his crew pilot in the first entry in the trilogy (before using a near-identical version in its sequels). Not only that, but players will be able to add the Normandy to their frigate fleet. Frigates aren’t pilotable ships – they’re much bigger than your normal starships. Instead, you can send them on missions to gather resources. Check out the reveal trailer above.

Of course, all of No Man’s Sky can be played in VR, so this means you can discover the ship with a headset on, too. You can’t pilot the ship itself but you will be able to fly alongside it. It’s about as close to Mass Effect VR as we’re currently be able to get.

You have until May 31 to follow the trail and claim the Normandy for yourself, too. No doubt it won’t be long until we hear about No Man’s Sky’s next big update – we’ve already seen several significant additions this year including the arrival of Nvidia DLSS support earlier this week.

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