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7 Nintendo Switch VR Games We're Dreaming Of For Labo

7 Nintendo Switch VR Games We're Dreaming Of For Labo

Well, it’s happening. Nintendo is getting into VR. Sort of. Labo VR might not be a fully fledged headset, but it does open the floodgates a tiny bit. When Labo VR launches next month it will let players morph their Switch into a makeshift headset using cardboard. It’ll probably only play a handful of family-friendly mini-games as opposed to full Zelda-style VR adventures. We have wish lists for those types of games here and here already.

But allow us to dream a little. Below we’ve thought up seven mini-games that we think would be a great fit as Nintendo Switch Labo VR games.

Tom Nook’s Fishing Training

Animal Crossing’s breezy life and whimsical pace is perfect for a VR introduction. But if there’s one series staple that would work best in VR? It has to be fishing. We can see ourselves sitting out by the lake on a sunny afternoon, kicking back with a cold drink as we cast our rods. It’s either that or Tom Nook’s Interior Deco training which, to be honest, we also really like the sound of.

Link’s Crossbow Training

Here’s a deep cut in the Wii’s library. Link’s Crossbow Training was a spin-off packaged with the Wii Zapper peripheral. You tore through the same environments as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess with a crossbow, taking down ghouls and goblins. We’d love to see an updated take on the game for Switch VR. Perhaps revisiting some of the most stunning locations from 2017’s Breath of the Wild so we can admire them in VR?

Mario Kart VR Grand Prix

Mario Kart is actually the only Nintendo series to have already brushed with VR. We know the series can work inside headsets, but now it’s time to let everyone join in. Mario Kart VR wouldn’t have to convert all of Mario Kart 8 (though we wouldn’t scoff at that). Instead we could see this offering a cinematic taste of the games frantic racing, just like the arcade version. The full game could wait for a better headset.

Yoshi’s Safari Returns

UploadVR Gaming Editor David Jagneaux brought up this deep cut from the SNES library. Yoshi’s Safari was an on-rail first-person shooter using the Super Scope peripheral. You played as Mario, riding on Yoshi’s back, gunning down enemies of the mushroom kingdom. That’s right, Yoshi drive-bys. This is not the Nintendo we know. Still, it does sound like it would make for a good VR game, doesn’t it?

Hey You, Pikachu!

This is my personal favorite pick. Hey You, Pikachu! was essentially a Pokemon Tamagotchi game for N64. You looked after your very own electric mouse, playing games with it and trying to earn its trust. The original game uses a microphone to let you communicate with Pikachu. Here, though, we’d love to simply build a bond with the little guy like never before.

Samus’ Ship Piloting

The day we can play a full Metroid Prime game with native VR support is the day we die happy. But, until then, Labo VR could offer just a taste of the universe. We’ve had basic interactions with Samus Aran’s gunship in the past but we love the idea of a full space piloting experience where we have full control over the ship.

Pokemon Snap VR

I mean, this has to happen, right? Pokemon Snap never got the sequel it truly deserved and, now that VR is coming to Switch, it’s time to right that wrong. Pokemon Go even just recently got a Snapshot mode. The original on-rails adventure had you snapping shots of Pokemon in their natural environments. VR’s head-tracking would prove to be the perfect way to handle a camera in 2019.

What are your picks? Let us know down in the comments below!

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