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Nintendo Switch Labo VR Features Over 64 Games, First Trailer Revealed

Nintendo Switch Labo VR Features Over 64 Games, First Trailer Revealed

Missed the news? Nintendo’s getting into VR. At least, it sort of is. Later this year the beloved gaming company will launch a Nintendo Switch Labo VR Kit. It’s a set of cardboard peripherals that you make yourself. One forms a Google Cardboard-style headset to plug the Switch into. The others all resemble controllers. But what can you actually play with these devices? Nintendo just revealed all.

The below video walks through each of the cardboard peripherals, or ‘Toy-Con’ as they’re called. It looks like each peripheral comes with a handful of games.

The Blaster Toy-Con, for example, offers some simple alien shooting. It looks a little like Nintendo’s take on the wave shooter. There’s also a hippo game where you try and fire food into their mouths.

Next up is a Wind Pedal. You keep it by your foot and press of it to get a gust of air in your face. It’s assigned to a weird-looking game where you jump over balls as a frog. Weirder still is the Toy-Con Bird, which turns the headset into, well, a bird. As you might’ve guessed it comes with two games that make you a bird.

Perhaps the best-looking of the bunch is the Toy-Con Elephant. Surprisingly, this comes with Toy-Con’s own version of a VR creation app like Tilt-Brush. You use the elephant’s trunk to move a 3D paintbrush. There’s a handful of minigames for this one too. The Toy-Con Camera, meanwhile, takes you to an underwater world.

But these aren’t the only games you’ll get with Toy-Con VR. Nintendo also revealed a VR Plaza that features some 64 minigames to explore. You can play a virtual drum kit and get into a boxing match.

Finally, there’s Toy-Con Garage VR. This allows you to make your own VR games. With some simple programming interfaces, you can design characters and maybe make your very own Astro Bot, for example.

Nintendo Labo VR launches on April 12th. We’ll be hugely interested to see if this is a VR experience worth our time or if Switch’s various limitations hold it too far back.

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