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The Next Gran Turismo Is In The Works And PSVR Support Sounds Likely

The Next Gran Turismo Is In The Works And PSVR Support Sounds Likely

Gran Turismo creator and Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi wasn’t too hot on the original PSVR. But it sounds like he’s still excited for how the tech will progress with the next PlayStation.

Speaking to GTPlanet, Yamauchi recently confirmed that the next entry in the racing simulation series is in the works. Few details about the game were shared, but it’s very likely it will debut on the next PlayStation, thought to be launching next year. That will, of course, mean improved graphics and performance. But, interestingly, Yamauchi was quick to point out the benefits for VR.

“The first thing that’s going to be affected by more power is VR,” the developer said. “I don’t think that there’s anything else that requires that much processing power. I really like VR; I’m one to believe in the possibilities of it, and it’s very suited for a driving game.”

Yamauchi’s words are in-line with earlier comments he made in 2017. Ahead of the release of Gran Turismo Sport, which featured bare-bones PSVR integration, the developer said that he’d hoped for something “more incredible” than the current headset. Perhaps he’ll get his wish with PS5 and a possible PSVR 2?

“VR is something that really depends on the evolution of GPU power, and the hardware for it, like display devices even,” Yamauchi added. “It’s something where you can never have enough computing power; there’s always going to be that hardware limit, and that limit is never going to be high enough for us! Obviously that’s going to gradually improve over time and we’ll make sure to follow that.”

It sure sounds like the next game in the Gran Turismo series will support VR again, then. Hopefully this time that will include the full game and not just time trials and 1v1 AI races.

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