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New The Walking Dead VR Experience Coming

VR has plenty of choices for fans of the zombie apocalypse, including the one set in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead universe, and more is on the way.

Speaking to Variety, David Alpert, executive producer on The Walking Dead TV series, confirmed that a new VR experience based on the franchise was on the way. That’s all the information he had to share, though; we don’t know if this will be a simple 360 degree video or (hopefully) something a bit deeper. Skybound Entertainment, the production studio behind the series, has already done plenty of work in VR, including a pioneering 360 degree interactive series called Gone, which ran around the launch of Gear VR.

The Walking Dead is no stranger to VR, though. We’ve already seen some official 360 videos (like the one above), which showcase the show’s more gruesome side with zombies tearing people apart. More notably, a VR game was developed for the new StarVR headset, made by Payday developer Overkill, but it never saw a release for at-home headsets, only showing in location-based experiences.

According to the report, Alpert spoke at the VRTL conference last week, and talked about his first time using VR. Like many first-time VR users, he experienced severe sickness. His take on that, however, was somewhat unique, telling the crowd: “I work on the ‘Walking Dead,’ do you have any idea how hard I work to make people nauseous?”

“If you can make people sick, that’s actually a powerful tool in your arsenal,” Alpert said. While it’s an interesting angle, we seriously doubt the kind of sickness VR can instil would be enjoyable to many.

Stay tuned for more on this upcoming experience.



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