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New VR Games June 2022: All The Biggest Releases

New VR Games June 2022: All The Biggest Releases

Looking for the new VR games June 2022 list? We’ve got you covered with our full rundown.

June is promising to be a packed month for new VR games and announcements. Alongside a raft of launches for Quest and PC VR headsets, we’ll be back with the Upload VR Showcase on June 9 for yet more reveals and trailers! Let’s take a look at what’s coming your way this month.

New VR Games June 2022

Upload VR Showcase June 9, 8am PT

Upload VR Showcase Summer 2022 Logos (1)

First off, if you haven’t heard the news, make sure to mark down the Upload VR Showcase on June 9 at 8am PT. We’ll be back with our bi-annual show to announce new VR games and reveal more trailers and gameplay for titles coming soon. Who knows, we may even have a few surprise launches.

Wings 1941 (June 2) – Quest

An arcade shoot ’em up in the style of Capcom’s classic 1942, Wings 1941 has you guiding different aircraft through 10 levels as you dodge bullets and return fire. The promise of a co-op campaign has us especially interested in this one.

First Person Tennis (June 2) – Quest

This take on VR tennis is jumping off of App Lab and onto the full Quest store very soon. Get ready to serve and return like a pro with both online multiplayer and single player modes.

The Last Clockwinder (June 2) – Quest, PC VR

A single-player co-op puzzler in which you take control of a robot and record your actions, working with your past recordings to form a production line. Expect mind-bending puzzles that have you thinking outside the box.

Green Hell VR (June 9) – PC VR

The PC VR version of this flatscreen survival game is finally ready for launch. As opposed to April’s Quest 2 launch, Green Hell VR on PC brings the entire experience to headsets, offering a demanding challenge as you fight to stay alive in a harsh jungle wilderness.

Mothergunship: Forge (June 16) – Quest 2, PC VR

A new VR wave shooter building off of the original Mothergunship, Forge lets you build ridiculous weaponry with a constant barrage of attachments to add to your wrist-mounted gauntlets.

Demeo: Curse of the Serpent Lord (June 16) – Quest, PC VR

Demeo Serpent Lord

The fourth free campaign for Demeo is nearly here. There’s still a lot to learn about what’s to come in Curse of the Serpent Lord, but we do know a two-player mode where each user controls two characters is on the way.

Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok (June 17) – PC VR

A classic adventure series returns for some VR dungeon crawling. Expect to wield magic and take on fantastical beasts in what’s intended to be the first in a series of VR experiences.

Kayak VR: Mirage (June 28) – PC VR

A visual arresting take on kayaking in VR, this physics-driven experience lets you take part in single-player exploration and races across several stunning environments.

Wands Alliances (June 30) – Quest 2

Cortopia Studios follows up on its multiplayer spell-battling game with a new title that features 3v3 matches. Pick your spells and jump into arenas to magical combat with a tactical twist.

Ragnarok Hellfest DLC (TBA June) – Quest, PC VR

One of our favorite VR rhythm games is getting DLC featuring artists from one of the biggest metal festivals on the planet. Expect from tracks from bands performing at this year’s event and themed levels to play in.

Stride Multiplayer (TBA June) – Quest, PC VR

Dropping at some point this month, the long-awaited multiplayer update for Stride will bring online parkour to virtual arenas.

And that’s the list of new VR games June 2022 line-up! What are you planning on picking up? Let us know in the comments below.

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