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New VR Games August 2020: The Biggest Release This Month

New VR Games August 2020: The Biggest Release This Month

After a huge month of VR releases in July, the new VR games August 2020 list is looking a little dry.

Granted we learn about lots of releases just days before they come about, but there’s just only a handful of truly big games to talk about this month. Still, what’s here is promising with a throwback to Guitar Hero, the new shooter from the makers of Firewall and the third entry in a famed racing franchise. Dig in!

New VR Games August 2020

Rocking Hero – August 6th (PC VR)

Bringing back the days of Guitar Hero and Rock Band (hey, remember Rock Band VR?), Rocking Hero is a nostalgic throwback in the age of the VR rhythm game. You slide your hand along the guitar next to essential air guitar to the tune. If you’re on Index you can also use finger-tracking. It’s even got support for the existing guitar controllers, if you somewhat still have one of those lying around in a forgotten corner. This is an Early Access release with 10 original songs for now.

Stacksquatch – August 10th (PC VR)


Stacksquatch caught our attention for its fun take on VR physics. You essentially just have to stack objects to make towers, but you’ll grow as you go. You might start out in, say, a living room, but soon need to crash through the ceiling as you start grabbing bigger objects and the pile gets higher. It’s coming to Early Access next week.

Solaris: Offworld Combat – August 27th (Quest, Rift, PSVR coming later)

The creators of Firewall: Zero Hour drop their next anticipated multiplayer VR title, and it’s a very different beast, as seen at our Upload VR Showcase in June. Solaris trades Rainbow Six for Unreal Tournament, offering fast-paced arena-based action with weapon pick ups and more. It’ll have tough competition going toe-to-toe with Onward, but we’re hoping Solaris more than holds its own, especially with a PSVR version to come.

Project Cars 3 – August 28th (PC VR)

Slightly Mad Studios’ beloved racing sim gets a third lap around the track with its traditional VR support in-tow. This edition of the exhaustively-detailed racer is aiming to get a new audience in with accessibility, but we’re hoping there’s still plenty of reasons for true petrolheads to dive in. The past two titles have delivered some of the most detailed, authentic and best-looking VR games, so fingers crossed the game applies here.

What do you think of the new VR games August list? Will you be picking anything up this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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