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New Sci-Fi Racing Game And Cactus Cowboy Returns - VR Games On Our Radar This Week

New Sci-Fi Racing Game And Cactus Cowboy Returns - VR Games On Our Radar This Week

A new sci-fi racing game and the return of Cactus Cowboy are just some of the new VR games on our radar this week!

Every week we get a lot of updates on new VR games at Upload – so much so that we don’t have time to cover them all. This week we talked about news from the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase as well as Rooms of Realities and more, but here are some other titles we didn’t get to take a look at.

Cactus Cowboy – Plants At War

It’s nearly time for another outing for the Cactus Cowboy series. Wait, what’s the Cactus Cowboy series? Essentially a series of experimental VR games, usually released for free. Plants at War brings full scale conflict against the Cacti Army with first-person shooter action. I swear I’m not making any of this up. It’s out now on Quest via App Lab and will be on Steam early next month.

Omega Pilot

The developers of Z-Race return for more VR racing, this time with a focus on more immersive futuristic driving. Omega Pilot will feature first-person cockpit races similar to WipeOut. There’s a cinematic trailer above but expect to see gameplay soon; a Steam and App Lab launch is planned for May 12 via early access.

Jordan Jones Dies In Space

There’s abstract VR and then there’s this. Poor ol’ Jordan Jones has been abandoned in space and reflects on some seriously weird situations as he stares into the abyss. It’s coming to App Lab soon and is worth keeping an eye on if you’re into the stranger side of VR.

Tiny Island

A relaxing god sim where you lean down into the world and grab items with chopsticks? Sure, why not? This looks like a simple little delight, and is on the way to PC VR headsets in 2022.

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