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New Quake VR Mod Is A Hellish, Woozy Good Time

New Quake VR Mod Is A Hellish, Woozy Good Time

This new Quake VR mod is exactly what you’d expect; a hellishly good time… if you can stomach it.

Reddit user SuperV1234 released this mod for PC VR headsets over the weekend. Yes, there have been other Quake VR mods over the years (quite a few, in fact), but this is probably the best one we’ve seen yet. It’s got hand-tracking for both of the player’s hands, full weapon models to go with that tracking, and even a VR melee system and physical interaction for buttons etc. It’s about as close as the game has gotten to feeling like a native VR game yet.

We ran through the first few levels in the video below. We’ve got the HD texture pack installed, which we’d definitely recommend adding yourself if you intend to play.

Of course, Quake is a super fast-paced type of shooter, and the mod only offers smooth locomotion. After racing down a few hallways I felt a little woozy but, played in short bursts, this is a really impressive mod. The melee system, in particular, feels weighty and fits right in with the rest of the game and reaching out to grab items and weapons comes quite naturally after a while. If you haven’t played a Quake VR mod yet, this is definitely the one to seek out for the time being.

You can download the mod here. You’ll need to own Quake itself (the Steam version will do just fine). The HD textures pack, meanwhile, is here.

Will you be checking out this new Quake VR mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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