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New PSVR Releases For Week Of 03/19/17

Just hold out one more week; we promise the good times are coming. It’s yet another meager week for Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) in terms of releases, but things are about to kick up a notch with a suite of high profile launches from the end of March following through to May. It’s in that knowledge that we advise you to hold onto your pennies for one more week and wait for pasture’s new. That is unless you really like Ghostbusters.

If you missed last week, you can see those new releases here. Also, UploadVR has launched the ‘UploadVR PS VR Community’ on PlayStation 4! Join up, find other gamers to play with, and engage in discussions with them.

Also, don’t forget to check out our list of the 9 Best PlayStation VR Games if you need any extra inspiration.

Ghostbusters VR – Now Hiring , from Sony Pictures Virtual Reality
Price: $6.99 (Currently only in the US)

This was a surprise drop on the PlayStation Store this week, just about saving us from having no new releases to talk about, although not by much. This brief experience is intended as the first of a series that will allow you to step into the shoes of everyone’s favorite ghost control squad. Use PlayStation Move controllers to navigate around iconic environments that will be instantly familiar to any fans of the franchise, and maybe catch a ghost or two.

Recommendation: There’s very little content on offer here. So little, in fact, that asking people to pay for it feels incorrect. It’s not that what’s here isn’t good, it’s just that there isn’t enough of it to warrant a purchase. We’d recommend either skipping this entirely or waiting for more episodes to drop later down the line. More info on its creation here.

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