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Sony, Ubisoft Bringing PSVR-Supported Titles To Expanded PS Plus Service

Sony, Ubisoft Bringing PSVR-Supported Titles To Expanded PS Plus Service

Sony today revealed the first games to feature in its expanded PlayStation Plus service, with some small inclusions on the PSVR front.

Starting later this month in Asia and rolling into June for the US and EU, PlayStation Plus will be moving to a three-tier system that retains the core experience and replaces Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service. The most basic tier is labeled ‘Essential’ and features everything you get with Plus now, including online multiplayer and free games every month.

But it’s the ‘Extra’ and ‘Deluxe’ tiers that will catch the interest of PSVR owners. These tiers both include access to a wider catalog of PS4 and PS5 games. From Sony’s own output, games with optional VR modes like Concrete Genie and Wipeout Omega Collection are included. Currently, however, none of Sony’s PSVR-exclusive titles like Blood & Truth or Astro Bot Rescue Mission are featured in the line-up.

Interestingly, though, Ubisoft also confirmed it could feature some of its own older titles in this new line-up. Included amongst them are VR-exclusive games like Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within and Space Junkies as well as more VR optional titles like Transference, Trackmania Turbo and Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

It’s not exactly a robust offering for VR users, then, but in fairness Sony never explicitly confirmed PSVR games as part of the new Plus line-up. It will be interesting, though, to see how the company’s strategy around this content develops as we move closer to the launch of its PSVR 2 headset, which is rumored for a Q1 2023 release.

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