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New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For Week Of 10/02/16

New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For Week Of 10/02/16

It’s a week of news, not releases. Though there’s a lot of stuff out on Gear as per usual, the past few days have been all about Oculus Connect 3, not actually using your Oculus Rift. Still, there is one big launch to look forward to this week along with some other oddities worth taking note of.

If you missed last week, you can see those new releases here. And don’t forget that UploadVR has a Steam community group, complete with a curated list of recommendations so that you don’t have to waste any money finding out what’s good in the world of VR.

We also have a top list of the best Rift games and best Gear VR games— both of which are updated every few months with the latest and greatest options.

Dragon Front Open Beta, from High Voltage Software
Price: Free (Rift, Gear)

The biggest release of the week is absolutely free! Dragon Front’s beta is a first glimpse at High Voltage Software’s anticipated card-battler that features cross-play between the Rift and Gear. Hearthstone in VR is here.

Recommendation: Definitely try this one out.

Space Stalker, from FIBRUM
$6.99 (Gear)

An impressive new space shooter with great production values and a full story to boot. Avoid traps and destroy enemies as you travel through the dark of space, using different weapons and upgrades for you ship.

Recommendation: One of the most solid releases for Gear in a while. Grab it.

Spectre, from Proscenium
Price: $4.99 (Rift, currently discounted)

Spectre is actually one of the first VR games I covered all the way back in 2014. It’s an intriguing multiplayer horror game in which players take different sides and try to scare each other. Sadly, it’s a little dated by today’s standards.

Recommendation: We’d skip this one.

Lumen, from Framestore
Price: $4.99 (Rift)

Another relaxation experience, this time fueled by the new Life VR initiative. It’s a non-linear experience created with the help of Standford University scientists. Explore a picturesque forest in short bursts.

Recommendation: For it for Rift owners before Guided Meditation arrives.

Airship Commander, from CBL Industries
Price: $9.99 (Rift)

Okay, this looks cool. Take part in huge battles on massive airships, firing side-mounted cannons and more in aerial battles. It’s inspired by the likes of Wing Commander but offers an incredible scale.

Recommendation: This might be the rare early access game worth getting in on.

Madefire, from Madefire
Price: Free (Gear)

Comic books in VR! Madefire is the first real stab at a true comic book ecosystem for headsets, bringing motion books like DC’s Injustice: Year One into VR with depth to panels placed in immersive 360 environments.

Recommendation: A must for any comic book fan.


KÀ The Battle Within, from Felix and Paul Studios
Price: Free (Gear)

A wonderful new 360 degree video from Cirque Du Soleil and Felix and Paul. Enjoy a majestic and immersive performance as two ancient clans confront each other. Watch spectacular acrobatics and stunts.

Recommendation: We usually skip 360 videos, but this is absolutely worth it.


Antarctic Ocean, from NetDragon
Price: Free (Gear)

A deep sea diving game that looks a far cry from the likes of Ocean Rift and others. Explore different aquatic wildlife like antarctic cod (mentioned twice in the game’s official description) and not much else.

Recommendation: Skip it.


HOVR, from Game Cooks
Price: $0.99 (Gear)

As a sci-fi hoverboarding game, HOVR sounds pretty interesting. It could be a good release, though the gameplay looks a little endless runner-ish to us so it might be worthy seeking other opinions before jumping in.

Recommendation: We’d probably pass.

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