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Report - New Oculus Headset Enters Production This Month, Sony Ramping Up PS5 Manufacturing

Report - New Oculus Headset Enters Production This Month, Sony Ramping Up PS5 Manufacturing

A recent report from Japanese publication Nikkei claims that a new Oculus headset from Facebook will enter production later this month.

Note: The featured image above is a previously-shown Facebook research prototype called Half-Dome 2, not the rumored new headset.

The report quotes ‘a source with direct knowledge’ of the matter, who says that the “new Facebook Oculus VR headset will enter mass production around the end of July.”

New Oculus Headset In Production?

Though we can’t validate the accuracy of the report ourselves, these claims are in line with an earlier report from Bloomberg that stated Facebook could be looking to launch a new model of the Oculus Quest this year. Rather than a full Oculus Quest 2, this rumored device would be more like an update to the original kit. It would be more ergonomic, comfortable and carry a higher refresh rate. That said, it may be delayed into 2021 due to the mounting effects of the ongoing global pandemic. In March, we uncovered a codename for a possible new Oculus headset, Del Mar.

The report further claims that Facebook is looking to produce two million units of this new device, encouraged by the success of the original Quest. Facebook has not provided sales statistics for the device, though the Nikkei report claims the company has seen growth of up to 50% in this sector year-over-year. The article also states that Facebook is hoping to expand its standalone line. That certainly suggests this new headset and the rumored new Quest are one and the same.

Nikkei also reports that Sony is ramping up production of its PS5 console from an initial projection of five to six million units to around nine million units. Bloomberg, who initially ran the report of a limited release, also says the company is now planning to boost production to up to 10 million units. The console, which supports the original PSVR headset, launches this holiday season.

What would you want to see in a new Oculus headset? Let us know in the comments below!


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