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Watch: Fresh Larcenauts Gameplay Shows New Map

Watch: Fresh Larcenauts Gameplay Shows New Map

It’s time for our final installment in our Larcenauts Upload Access spotlight, and we’re rounding things out with some fresh gameplay.

Feast your eyes on another seven minutes of gameplay from the team-based hero shooter below. This time around we’re looking at a new map, Blight, and showing off the DroneHack mode. This seems like an interesting map, with a lot of alien flora and fauna as well as Uplink areas that take you inside a facility.

We also see some new class powers at work. At one point you can see a player setting bear traps for others to stumble into, while we also get to spend some time with the Guardian class, Thal, and see his heavy weaponry and defensive capabilities in action.

Make sure to stay tuned at the end where there’s also a first look at the game’s victory screen and match statistics.

And that’s it for Larcenauts on Upload Access! Missed the action? Make sure to scroll back through our content, which includes yet more gameplay, a live interview with the developer and a look back at the making of the PSVR Aim Controller for the team’s first game, Farpoint.

Larcenauts itself is due out this summer on PC VR and Oculus Quest, so stay tuned for more news soon.

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