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New I Expect You To Die, Resolution Mixed Reality Projects Spotted In Quest Video

New I Expect You To Die, Resolution Mixed Reality Projects Spotted In Quest Video

A new video from Meta shows new projects from series like I Expect You To Die and developers like Resolution Games.

The video was released as part of a look at Quest 2 and the upcoming Project Cambria headset’s mixed reality capabilities. Mixed reality experiences are those that use a VR headset’s cameras to view the real world, but bring in virtual elements like virtual screens or 3D assets. The effect is similar to that of AR glasses, but AR uses transparent lenses to keep you in direct view of the real world. Though this will one day allow for much more seamless AR, current headsets are limited in field of view and other areas compared to VR.

At one point in the video we see a project called Fish Under Our Feet, developed by Resolution Games. In the clip, the player uses hand tracking to pick up a virtual hammer, smash a hole in their living room floor and then fish from a pond that lies beneath. They can even dive into the pond and have fish swim around them.

Following on from that, there’s footage of a new title from Schell Games called I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home. I Expect You To Die is Schell’s long-running VR puzzle series with escape room-style challenges. The footage here showed a user picking up a phone from a virtual telephone box that appears in their room, and opening virtual gates. There’s also a look at VR creation tool, Gravity Sketch, being used in MR.

Neither Schell nor Resolution has formally announced these projects and it’s quite possible that neither will be officially released on the Quest store. Schell Games told us that Home Sweet Home is a one-level demo intended as a showcase, but there’s a possibility that it could see wider release in the future. Meta itself is releasing its own MR experiment, The World Beyond, on App Lab next week.

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