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New Free Beat Saber Songs Should Arrive This Week

New Free Beat Saber Songs Should Arrive This Week

Looking for new free Beat Saber songs? Good news; there should be more in store for this week.

The game’s official Twitter account teased the songs on Saturday. Developer Beat Games said the new songs (plural!) would release “if everything goes well”. As part of the tease, an image of a cat was included in the tweet. Beat Games says its “somehow connected” to one of the songs its release.

Is anyone else equally concerned and excited that this could be a tie into that brilliantly bad-looking Cats movie? Probably not but I wouldn’t put it past Beat Games after including the friggin’ Crab Rave.

Replying to fans, the team confirmed this will consist of free songs that “already exist.” So you can start your guesses now. Could this also be related to recent teases about a tough as nails new song on the way?

These will be the first songs released for the game in a while. The second premium content pack launched over E3 in June. At the event the team also revealed the first-ever 360 degree levels for the game, played on Oculus Quest. We’re eagerly awaiting their arrival along with the third premium content pack, whenever that may be.

Keep your eyes peeled, then. We’ll bring you updates when we have them.

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