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New Cosmophobia Footage Teases More VR Scares And Combat

New Cosmophobia Footage Teases More VR Scares And Combat

Fresh footage of White Door Games’ anticipated VR horror follow-up, Cosmophobia, just debuted at our Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition.

Feast your eyes on two minutes of gameplay below. In Cosmophobia, you’re trapped on a hostile spaceship, filled with things that want to kill you. Just like White Door Games’ seminal VR debut, Dreadhalls, this is a procedurally-generated horror experience. You’ll need to scavenge for supplies, fend off enemy drones and avoid something… much scarier than flying robots.

The footage above is bookended by a bunch of clips, but it’s the uninterrupted chunk in the middle to really pay attention to here. We get a look at the game’s labyrinthine environments, which house doors that are unlocked with batteries and drones activated by proximity. You’re armed with a space crossbow (awesome), but with manual reloading and limited ammo, you won’t want to get too trigger happy.

You can definitely get a sense of the atmosphere the game’s going for here, channeling the likes of Alien and Dead Space. We’re definitely not looking forward to meeting the enemy at the end in VR. There’s also an interesting hint of physicality; you can slam doors shut to slow enemies down (if not completely stop them), for example. There are also grenades and other items in a limited inventory, so don’t expect to be stockpiling on guns and equipment.

It looks like it’s shaping up quite nicely, then. Cosmophobia is on its way to PC VR headsets soon. We’ve got plenty more to share at our VR Showcase; make sure you don’t miss out!

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