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New Boneworks Update Will Add New Maps And Weapons

New Boneworks Update Will Add New Maps And Weapons

A new Boneworks update is right around the corner, and it’s packing some new maps and toys to play with.

Update 1.4 will arrive on April 9th. Stress Level Zero’s Brandon J Laatsch confirmed as much in a tweet earlier this week. This update will bring with it three new maps for the game’s wave-based combat modes, including a ‘redacted Chamber’, ‘handgunBox’ and ‘Tuscany’. Tuscany was a map originally made available via the Oculus Store version of the game that launched last month, based an old VR demo.

As for the other maps? We’re not trying to work out what they are based on those names, but someone smarter than us probably will.

Elsewhere this new Boneworks update brings in the P350 handgun and includes a ‘hand physics refinement pass’. Hopefully that means we’ll see smoother interactions in a game that was already pretty sturdy in that department.

Replying to another tweet, Laatsch spoke a little to the developer’s current situation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Core engineering is moving better than ever because it needs long focus,” he said, “but shipping is way harder so far because of all of the tiny details.”

This is Boneworks’ first big update since the launch of Half-Life: Alyx last week. If you bought a headset for Valve’s big return and have seen it through to the end then we definitely recommend this shooter for your next VR outing. It might not boast the high-end production values and its campaign isn’t as meticulously designed, but its physics system is incredibly robust and needs to be seen.

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