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'Neverout', One Of Gear VR's Best Games, Is Heading To Rift, Vive And PS VR

'Neverout', One Of Gear VR's Best Games, Is Heading To Rift, Vive And PS VR

Last week I wrote an editorial highlighting some of Gear VR’s best games. Today, it’s been revealed one of those titles is on its way to other headsets too.

That game is Neverout from Setapp, an ingenious 3D puzzler which sees players manipulating gravity in order to escape a series of rooms. Michal from the title’s development team recently took to Reddit to confirm that the game is on its way to the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR headsets in the near future. Apparently the Rift and PS VR versions will be similar to the Gear VR edition, but the Vive version will take advantage of roomscale technology.

In fact, the developers apparently refer to the roomscale version of Neverout as “the ultimate version” of the game. We can see why; bringing the ability to walk around the game’s appropriately-sized environments would be a welcome addition though it’ll be tricky to perfect.

Neverout a first-person experience in which movement is confined to a grid-based system, with one guarded grid square representing the door to the next area. As you come up against walls, however, you can walk forwards onto them, causing the room around you to shift and the wall you’re standing on to become the floor.  From there you’ll have to find a way to drop down onto the door to pass through, though moving blocks and electrical fences will often hinder your progress.

The game comes with a fair share of levels based around different mechanics, though we’d certainly welcome a few more. Michal confirmed that anyone that already owns the Gear edition will get it for free on Rift, so it’s worth picking up now.

It’s a great experience, though can be uncomfortable for some. Thankfully, Michal has also revealed that Setapp is looking to tackle that issue too, recently releasing a look at an update that will also players to more comfortably transition between floors. You can see that below.

No dates on any of these updates or new editions have been given, but we’re looking forward to their arrival. Setapp is also working on another VR experience named Overflight and has another great entry on Gear VR in Escape Velocity. This is one studio to watch for sure.

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