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Netflix's HoloLens App Is Still On The Way

TV and movie streaming service Netflix has already dipped its toes into the VR waters with apps on Gear VR and Google Daydream, but now the company behind it is looking towards mixed reality too.

As spotted by Variety, a recent job listing for a Windows Senior Software Engineer at Netflix confirms that the company is looking into a version of its app for Microsoft’s HoloLens.

“Our mission is to provide a great experience to all Windows app users in a variety of devices from desktop/laptop, to tablets and phones, as well as HoloLens and VR devices,” the listing reads. A company spokesperson also confirmed that “support in a basic way” was coming to the device. No date yet, however.

Whereas Netflix’s VR app seats users in a cozy virtual environment to watching content on an enormous screen, it’s likely that any HoloLens app would project a screen into the real world. We’ve seen this in past HoloLens presentations; users are able to essentially pin the screen to anywhere in their environment, resize it to their liking, and even have it follow them around as they walk. It might not be that all of those features are included in the HoloLens app, but it’s a good starting point.

If there’s an app coming to HoloLens, then there’s also a chance it will support the upcoming Windows 10 VR headsets too, though that’s not confirmed right now.

You may remember seeing Netflix in various marketing materials for HoloLens when it was first revealed in 2015, but we since haven’t seen any official support for the device despite being available to developers for over a year now.

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