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Neko Atsume Purrfect Goes Kitty Collecting Soon On Quest

Neko Atsume Purrfect - Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume Purrfect brings cat collecting to VR next week on Quest.

Revealed at the UploadVR Winter Showcase, developer Hit-Point released a new trailer for the mobile cat-collecting game's second VR adaptation. Showcased using in-engine footage and Quest 3 for mixed reality capture, Neko Atsume Purrfect lets you pick up, hold, pet and treat these adorable cats across your own home. You can watch that below:


Featuring 46 different cats, Neko Atsume Purrfect lets you place cat flaps across your room alongside other items like cat trees. Toys like teasers, balls and plushies can also be purchased for their entertainment, alongside laser pointers which cats can't help but follow.

For more details, here's a description from the Quest Store:

In this game, you can do more than just leisurely observe free-spirited cats; you can play with them using a cat teaser, stroke their bellies, and even pick them up for a cuddle. At the delightful yard location, home to uniquely charming cats like "Calico cat," "Odd-eyed cat," and "Big fat cat," you are sure to encounter your purrfect feline companion.

Neko Atsume Purrfect arrives on December 14 on the Meta Quest platform.

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