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N1NE: The Splintered Mind Trailer Shows More Cyberpunk Mystery

N1NE: The Splintered Mind Trailer Shows More Cyberpunk Mystery

It’s been two years since we first wrote about VR Blade Runner lookalike, N1NE: The Splintered Mind. This week, we got a new trailer.

Set in the distant future (2099, to be exact), N1NE sees players investigate a murder that brings them up against gangs and mega-corporations. Playing as a detective named Avery Nine, you’ll explore the underbelly of a broken future in search of answers about what happened to your friend.

The trailer gives us another look at the game’s impressive cyberpunk environments as well as a dialogue tree with NPCs and some of the gadgets you’ll be using. It looks like the game will be comprised of some puzzle elements – along with coaxing characters into talking to you, you’ll be investigating crime scenes.

Today developer OD1N Studios also confirmed that the series will release in episodic installments. The first part is coming soon and the developer is planning a trilogy of titles. You can wishlist the first part on Steam.

N1NE is headed to PC VR headsets, but there’s no word on a final release date, nor potential Oculus Quest and PSVR releases just yet. Will you be checking out the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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