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Museum Of Other Realities Free For 2 Weeks During 'Best of British' VR Showcase

Museum Of Other Realities Free For 2 Weeks During 'Best of British' VR Showcase

The Museum Of Other Realities (commonly referred to as The MOR), is opening its doors for free for a limited time to celebrate the launch of a new showcase.

The app, which usually costs $19.99 to download, just launched a ‘Best Of British’ selection that features four VR experiences you can check out for free. Included among them is Common Ground, the excellent VR documentary from Darren Emerson that explores the history of London’s Aylesbury Estate as it faces destruction in the name of redevelopment.

Also featured is Fly, Charlotte Mikkelborg’s uplifting VR experience that takes players on a whirlwind tour of the history of flight. We featured the experience in its original form, including a rig that allowed players to really immersive themselves in the experience, in the first episode of the VR Culture Show.

Another classic VR experience, Notes on Blindness, also makes another appearance, documenting John Hull’s experiences as a blind person that he recorded on audio cassettes. Finally, there’s a Darkfield experience named The Invisible. Darkfield makes immersive audio experiences that aren’t strictly ‘VR’, but can certainly be enhanced by having users wear headsets to listen in on their narratives.

The MOR will be free until March 26th, letting you tour other areas of the museum too, and more Best of British showcases will be arriving in different volumes in the future. At a time in which museums and other institutions face genuine hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a fascinating way to explore how VR can deliver the same sorts of experiences.

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