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Muse VR Concert Debuts In New Stageverse Social Platform On Oculus Quest

Muse VR Concert Debuts In New Stageverse Social Platform On Oculus Quest

Another chance to experience the music of Muse in VR is here, this time inside new social VR concert app, Stageverse.

Stageverse just launched via App Lab on Oculus Quest. It’s an all-new social VR platform that lets you meet up with others and dive into virtual concerts, presented in 360-degree video. As part of its beginnings, the app is offering a limited-time free experience based around Muse’s Simulation Theory Tour. An entire two hour show has been recorded to enjoy inside VR. Check out the trailer below.

Muse VR Concert Debuts

The experience uses its own avatars, which you can collect costumes for along with other toys and interactive items. Create an account now and you’ll get an exclusive Muse outfit, too.

Though the experience may be a 360-degree video, you can choose between 16 spots to watch the concert from and talk with your friends as it’s playing. The experience sounds similar to what’s on offer in the Oculus Venues app, where friends can meet up and watch concerts on a giant 2D screen in a virtual theater.

Want to get involved? The experience airs at 7pm PDT, EDT, BST and JST every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. You can also join in on a mobile device if you don’t have a Quest, too.

Muse is having a weirdly busy month in the VR world. Last week we reported that another DLC pack starring the band was launching for Synth Riders. It’s the second song pack to feature Muse in the game.

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