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Multiplayer VR Jousting is Nearly Here Thanks to 'Valiant'

Multiplayer VR Jousting is Nearly Here Thanks to 'Valiant'

You’ve seen EVE: Valkyrie and what VR can do for futuristic multiplayer sci-fi. Now it’s time to go in the opposite direction.

Offpeak Games is soon set to launch a first-person medieval combat game named Valiant in Early Access, and it supports both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. In it, players take part in team battles, slaying friends on horseback with weapons like swords, bows, and, of course, lances for jousting. Multiplayer battles are capped at five vs five and use either a traditional gamepad or mouse setup or, in the case of the Vive, position tracked controllers for more realistic battles. Presumably Oculus Touch support is also planned for when the device becomes readily available.

Valiant has been in development for a while; a Kickstarter campaign for the title was cancelled earlier this year when it failed to near its $15,500 AUD target. The game itself was first revealed toward the end of 2014, and you can still check out the very early demo for the project that was released onto Oculus Share at the time.

It would appear, then, that the Early Access launch will help Offpeak Games to raise some additional funds for the title while continuing to work toward its full release. An exact date for that release hasn’t been confirmed, although Offpeak Geams said it’s hoping to keep the title in its current state for around three to six months. The current version features three classes and two maps with a ranking system in place. New classes, levels, weapons and more will be added as the game heads toward a full launch.

After the high-speed thrills of CCP Games’ futuristic flight battler, we’d welcome the change of pace that Valiant looks to offer. Judging by early gameplay footage and images it could use a slight bump in the visuals department, but that’s something that will hopefully be addressed over the course of the Early Access development.

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