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'Mr. Robot' VR Experience May Return This Week

'Mr. Robot' VR Experience May Return This Week

A special VR experience based around popular USA Network show, Mr. Robot, debuted at San Diego Comic-Con last week. If you missed it, it sounds like another chance to see it is coming right up.

In a feature with Vice’s The Creators Project it’s stated that the piece will be “re-uploaded next week”. That is according to Within, the VR video company that helped to produce and release the piece. That report was published yesterday, so we’re assuming “next week” now means this one, though there is a chance it could refer to the week after instead.

Originally, the experience was viewed through the free Within app, debuting on July 20 at 1:45 PM ET on Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Presumably the piece will again be available through that app and on those platforms, though it’s not clear if it will only be screening for a limited time or be released in full. It was promised that last week’s screening would be a ‘one time only’ thing, but we’re hardly surprised to find out that this isn’t the case.

Mr. Robot‘s second season started earlier this month and this experience was designed to promote its return. It stars Rami Malek as a cybersecurity engineer named Elliot Alderson that joins a group of ‘hacktivists’ known as Mr. Robot. The new series tackles concepts like virtual reality itself, so it makes sense that its creators would promote it in this way.

The experience, meanwhile, is a 13-minute piece that was written and director by the show’s creator, Sam Esmail. It’s a flashback sequence starring the main character and his love interest, Shayla (Frankie Shaw). It gained positive buzz coming out of last week’s event.

Within itself only recently changed its name from VRSE, which you might know for experiences like Clouds Over Sidra. Between these two experiences, they’re definitely a studio to watch going forward.

This was just one of many VR experiences from SDCC, though. We’d love you to tell us what your favorite one was.


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