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Here Are The Most Popular PSVR Games According To PSN

Here Are The Most Popular PSVR Games According To PSN

Sony revealed the most popular PSVR games according to PlayStation Network users.

According to posts on the US and EU PlayStation Blogs, The Playroom VR is the most-played PSVR game. This is based on the number of PSN accounts that have played these games. In other words, the data is taken from everyone with a PS4 connected online and signed up to PSN. So this can include disc-based titles, unlike the usual PlayStation Store chart results.

The Most Popular PSVR Games Revealed

The Playroom VR is a free download developed by Sony Japan. It features a bunch of minigames, some of which are designed for solo play and some of which support local multiplayer. Interestingly, one minigame spawned one of the platform’s best titles, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. That title also features in the EU list, but not in the US.

The second most played title is PlayStation VR Worlds. Again, this is hardly surprising; it was a launch title compiling yet more minigames, one of which spawned Blood & Truth. It’s also featured in plenty of PSVR bundles since launch. Other launch titles listed in both territories include Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Beat Saber and Batman: Arkham VR.

It probably won’t surprise you to see Beat Saber on both lists; it’s routinely held the best-selling position on the PS Store since launch in November last year. Other usual suspects include Skyrim VR, Resident Evil 7 and Superhot VR. Interestingly, the long-forgotten Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare VR experience makes the grade in both regions.

Perhaps the most surprising inclusion is Driveclub VR in the EU. It just makes it in at the tenth spot, but Sony actually took the game offline earlier this year. The standard version of Driveclub also went offline. It’s very peculiar to take one of your most popular VR games offline, is it not?

We have our list of the best 25 PSVR games, which you can check out to see how they measure up with the most popular PSVR games.

Last week Sony confirmed that the PS5 will launch in late 2020. That makes the future interesting for PSVR. We wrote an editorial earlier this week about how fans may need patience on the path to PSVR 2.

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