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Moss Is Free With A Viveport Subscription Right Now

Moss Is Free With A Viveport Subscription Right Now

One of VR’s best games, Moss, came to HTC Vive last month. If you haven’t picked it up yet then you might want to check out this tempting offer.

As part of its Viveport Summer sale, HTC is offering a free copy of Moss for anyone that signs up to its Viveport Subscription service with a three, six or 12-month plan ($19.99, $39.99 and $79.99 respectively). Polyarc’s adorable third-person adventure is usually priced at $29.99, so if you get the three-month plan you essentially get the game for $10 off with three months of Viveport Subscription bolted on for free.

The subscription provides you access to a library of over 200 VR titles. You can download a set amount every month to play for the next 30 or so days and then, the following month, either trade them in for another set or keep playing what you’ve already downloaded.

Even without the subscription, though, Moss is a steal at $19.99. “From the first moment we played the game at E3 almost a year ago until we saw the closing credits roll, Quill’s adventure has captivated our hearts and minds,” we said in our 9/10 review. “Moss strikes that perfect balance between tense, action-packed moments of combat with slow, methodical puzzles that require you to rethink the way you interact with video games through the power of VR. Polyarc has crafted one of VR’s most essential games to date.”

Codes for the game will be emailed out to customers on July 10th.

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