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Moss: Book II Revealed For PSVR

Developer Polyarc just revealed a sequel to its beloved VR debut, Moss, with Moss: Book II.

The reveal trailer for the game just debuted at Sony’s State of Play event. The trailer only confirms the game is coming to PSVR — no mention of PC or Quest headsets yet — and there’s no indication of a release date, either. Watch the trailer below.

Moss: Book II Revealed

In the footage we see the series’ protagonist, a small mouse named Quill, return. As with the first game, players will also have a physical presence in the world as a ghostly figure that can directly interact with Quill as they guide her along her path.

Gameplay-wise the title looks very similar to the first entry in the series. We see new snowy environments in which Quill battles monsters from a third-person perspective. There’s also a look at new weapons and abilities, and the trailer ends with a tease of larger foes to fight.

Moss remains one of our all-time favorite experiences, originally debuting on PSVR in 2018 before steadily making its way over to PC VR and Quest, too. “From the first moment we played the game at E3 almost a year ago until we saw the closing credits roll, Quill’s adventure has captivated our hearts and minds,” we said in our review. “Moss strikes that perfect balance between tense, action-packed moments of combat with slow, methodical puzzles that require you to rethink the way you interact with video games through the power of VR.”

It’s since held high rankings in our best VR games lists across all platforms.

Plenty of reason to be excited for the sequel, then. We’ll have more on Moss: Book II very soon.

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