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Moss: Book 2 Is Coming To PSVR On March 31

Moss: Book 2 Is Coming To PSVR On March 31

Moss: Book 2’s release date has been revealed, and it’s right around the corner.

Polyarc’s anticipated sequel hits PSVR on March 31. For now, PSVR is the only platform the game’s launching on. However the original Moss also launched as a PSVR exclusive before coming to PC VR and, eventually, Quest, so it’s very possible we see the game elsewhere in the future.

The sequel picks up right after the events of the first game and reunites players with Quill, a young mouse on a quest to save her uncle. You control Quill using a gamepad, but can also directly interact with her and the world by reaching in with the DualShock 4 tracking. The connection you foster with Quill in the first game has earned Moss a persistent place in our best VR games lists.

Moss: Book 2 Release Date Confirmed

We got a first look at how the sequel is shaping up earlier this week, and you can read our impressions right here. Check the video above for just some of the new things we’ve learned about the game and come back later this week when we publish our latest interview with Polyarc about the title, too.

At the event earlier this week, Polyarc did confirm that anyone playing the game on PS5 via backward compatibility will benefit from some sharper visuals and faster load times. However, there’s no confirmation right now that the game might launch on PSVR 2.

Are you going to be playing Moss: Book 2 at the end of the month? Let us know in the comments below.

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