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Polyarc Looking To Bring Moss 2 To Other Platforms 'As Soon As Possible'

Polyarc Looking To Bring Moss 2 To Other Platforms 'As Soon As Possible'

Unsurprisingly, Polyarc hopes to deliver Moss: Book 2 on other platforms beyond PSVR “as soon as possible”.

Studio co-founder and art director Chris Alderson said as much in an interview with the Between Realities team during GDC this week, which you can see in the video below. The anticipated sequel launches next week on PSVR, but the team asked Alderson if there was a tentative date for release on other platforms.

“No tentative date,” Alderson replied, “but we are working on delivering that to fans as soon as possible. So one thing at a time and I really hope that it comes quicker, sooner than later. But we want to make sure it’s right, as we build everything we want to make sure fans are pleased with what we deliver.”

Moss: Book 2 has only officially been announced for PSVR at this point in time, but the original game also launched as a timed exclusive for Sony’s headset before making its way to PC VR and, once it was released, Oculus Quest.

We’d expect the sequel to follow pretty much the same path, and now it’s more of a question of when than if. What remains to be seen is if the game could also launch on PSVR 2, whenever the headset finally releases.

For now, the game’s due to debut on PSVR on March 31. We got a first look at how the sequel was shaping up and came away hoping for a game that would genuinely evolve over what had come before as opposed to simply expanding upon it.

Are you looking to play Moss: Book 2 on PSVR or will you wait for other versions? Let us know in the comments below!

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